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Save Yourself from PRISM

I always knew the Feds were listening to everybodies communications, but Eric Snowden's declassification of PRISM just makes me loose sleep at night. The Feds are starting a war with all of us and our privacy, so its only fair that we fight back, which is why im providing ways for everyone to secure their privacy. First things first, get rid of as much of your proprietary software as you can. If you must keep a few nonfree games then put them on a separate computer and don't do anything shady or put on any sensative info on it. If you use windows or OS X this entails switching to an entirely free operating system. GNU/Linux is a popular option, and one of the distros endorsed by the fsf is a good choice, but Distros that don't come with any nonfree software by default but only offer it as an option like Fedora and Debian can be used too, just be careful not to install any proprietary software on them. If you must use Ubuntu be careful, its Unity desktop search reports what you type in to Amazon. You don't have to use a GNU/Linux distro either, OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD, DragonflyBSD, FreeDOS, and ReactOS can all be used. Next, instead of using Google or Yahoo, try DuckDuckGo, It lets you search anonymously. You also should consider using TOR to scramble your Internet activity. Finally, use a GPG Key for encrypting all your emails. You can find more ways to protect yourself from PRISM here.                                                                          

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