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Let's Restrict Voting

The mantra of Democracies is, everybody gets to vote! If there is even one restriction on voting, even a simple poll tax, then everybody looses their minds! Which is rather funny, if everyone gets to get into something and no one is excluded then the quality goes down. It is the tragedy of the commons. So democracy is the tragedy of the commons applied to the government. Now I think Government, especially democracy, is a grossly immoral violation of private property rights, but lots of people disagree with this and want a government and especially want that government to be a Democracy, so I think it is only fair to suggest a way to make this Democracy better, by restricting voting. Contrary to popular belief, voting is no more a right than rapeing  your best friend is. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with restricting something that people should not do in the first place. The first restriction should be that if you work for the government, or receive money from the government, then you should not be able to vote, you are clearly too biased towards coercion and will only make things worse. But after eliminating the massive amount of people who fit into this category whoever is left should have to pass a simple test first to be able to vote, its only five questions:

1). Are minimum wage laws a good Idea? yes or no?

2). Is taxation theft?

yes or no?

3). What is more efficient, socialism or capitalism?

4). Are profits harmful for the economy?

yes or no?

5). Is social security sustainable?

yes or no?



The answer key is no, yes, capitalism, no, no.

Anyone with a score lower than 4/5 does not know about economics and politics to be trusted with voting. They should either never vote or do some research and try again.

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