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Liberty in the United States

LiNK, which stands for Liberty in North Korea, is an organization thats goal is in the damn title. I've seen a lot of advertisements for this site sense "The Interview" came out and hating on North Korea's totalitarianism seems to be the new hip thing.

Now, I don't want to hate on this organization, because I totally agree with its goals, I would love it so much if liberty was brought to North Korea, infact, I'd be gushing with joy if North Korea successfully transitioned to a prosperous, stateless, voluntarist Libertarian society, I'd even move there. But I think people here in the United states shouldn't focus on this. We should focus on bringing liberty to our own society.

Right now we live in a country where all your conversations are spied on, you cannot own a business without going through millions of red tape, where your income is robbed from you at gunpoint, and where your imprisioned for putting certain drugs in your own body. Im not saying we should ignore organizations like LiNK, but maybe we should focus more on improving things in our own land first. Its sort of like all those charities that focus on third world impoverished countries. I like them and am willing to give them money, but I just think we should focus on helping the poor people in our own area.

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