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Prison reform

I encourage everyone to watch this video to completion, its of the Stanford prison experiment, and it can be quite disturbing. This experiment has incredibly eye opening results, that randomly selected sane individuals can act as disturbed and sadistic as in a real prison shows that the environment, not just the anti-social personalities of the prisoners and people who want to guard help to make it such a depressing place. The only solution to this is prison reform, Libertarian style! I already covered this is in my podcast but it deserves a separate entry.  The concept of a government prison is flawed from the beginning. It rests on coming to peoples houses, kidnapping them at gunpoint, and putting them in a cage. Sometimes for fake crimes like smoking Marijuana or real crimes like murdering someone. I have already stated the libertarian solution for people getting restitution for crimes committed against them through private courts and private security agencies. I have also mentioned a libertarian solutions to criminals still being there after the crime being where society ostracizes them and prevents them from coming onto their property. This still leaves the problem though of these people, especially the crazy ones, will have no where to go. This can be solved by facilities I feel will arise called reform facilities. Criminals can go here on the condition that they have to be watched by a guard, have to receive counseling, and they might be able to do some work for some money, sounds sorta like a prison right? Except it doesn't have the kidnapping, sadistic guards, or shower rapes, facilities that have some of these won't be very popular. I think the concept of liability insurance will be popular in a free society, offering to bail you out for the restitution if you hurt someone, but part of the contractual agreement would probably entail having to go to one of these facilities, because the insurance company would not want customers that actually initiate force. If this is really not something you can support there is always the old Japanese solution of leaving prisoners basically to starve to death, hoping that their family might bring them some food. Its immoral but not as bad as what we have now. One thing is for sure, the current system cannot continue, its insulting and wrong to the victims to force them to pay for their perpetrators housing, its wrong to kidnap people even if they commited a crime and it leads to making the criminals worse.


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