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The Feds are illigitimate no matter how you slice it

I am of the outspoken belief that the state is not legitimate. All governments to me are simply criminal organizations, they steal from people through taxation, kidnap people for hurting themselves, and front massive financial ponzi schemes. Infact, I would go as far as Stefan Molyneux and feel that states do not actually exist, organizations that call themselves states are simply criminal gangs that have brainwashed people.

Most people, infact a large amount of libertarians believe in the legitimacy of a certain type of government, through the social contract. A lot of Libertarians believe in a Lockian social contract where governments are established solely to stop other violations against peoples property rights, and if a generous minority of people consent to this government the rest of the people can be forced into "Consenting". I don't believe this but I respect it more than other social contract theories.

People who believe this theory tend to have some support of the government and feel it has legitimacy if it just follows the constitution, but I am here to say that even if you follow that theory you should still view the current federal government the way I do. Before the Constitution, there was the Articles Of Confederation. It set up a much smaller government then even what the Constitution sets up. One of its provisions is that to make any amendments it requires 13 out of the original 13 states to approve it, and only 9 states ratified the Constitution. Therefore, the Articles of Confederation is the only legitimate law of the land and any other kind of government is an illegitimate criminal gang. 

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