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I take the Non-Aggression Principle(Nap) very seriously. The NAP basically states that it is wrong to initiate violence, to commit aggression against someone else, violence is only justified in defense of person and property. I also do not think that you can legitimately own ideas as property, property is a tangible scarce good that you can find in an unowned state and take ownership of it, you can homestead it, if someone takes your physical property you do not have it. That's not how it works with ideas, with an idea I can copy it and make use of it without taking away your ownership of it, I can copy it a thousand times and you still have your copy, ideas cannot be owned as scarce objects. Based on those two ideas, I think of copyright as a blanket threat of force on anyone who comes across the work saying if you engage in peaceful activities like sharing with your friends or selling copies to your friends or incorporating bits in your own work, then the copyright owner will use aggression against you to get you to stop. That is why there is a Creative Commons 0 public domain dedication at the footer of this website. That does not mean I am alright with people just destroying my creative works though. I would prefer that my name is not removed from verbatim distributions of my works, and I would prefer to be attributed in derivative works. Contact me via email if you would like me to grant the right to use a creator endorsed mark in a derivative work or redistribution. There has been doubts raised that CC0 is a legally effective tool for making a work public domain. To aid in the legal effectiveness of it, I pledge right here, to never sue anyone for any kind of copyright infringement, even if I hate what you are doing with my work and am widely encouraging a boycott of it, I will still not sue for copyright infringement.

To further understand why I feel copyright is immoral, read this, this, this and this.

If you wish to republish some of my articles on your own site I ask(But do not require!) that you add this short bio about me somwhere: Robert “The Stemp” Stempien is a writer, musician and amateur audio engineer from Michigan. He enjoys Metal, video games, Free Software, and arguing with statists. He writes for his own site here.

Note: The Booksie, Smashwords, Bandcamp, CDBaby, CD-R format, and Jamendo pictures belong to their respective copyright/monopoly rent owners. I cannot release them under CC0.