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Sharing is not a crime

Isaac Asimov once wrote a novel, Robots and Empire, in which a more minor plot point involves the creator of humanoid robots will not document how he created them because he wishes to keep the knowledge to himself, this in the novel was used as a criticism of the advanced humanoid race he was a part…

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Thick headed fucks....

Thats what these thick "Libertarians" are, if you can even call them Libertarians. What they basically believe is that the belief in the nonaggression principle is not enough, what must come with it a believe in the culturally liberal values of tolerance, egalitarianism, feminism, etc. Apparently it…

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labor price floors

When will socialists learn? You cannot magically make wages higher through the barrel of a gun, and thats  what minimum wage laws are trying to accomplish. Seattle just raised theirs to $15 an hour. I'm personally quite pissed by this. I in my own job have just recently been given a raise above min…

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Libertarianism is Anti-political

Many people when I try to get them into Libertarianism respond, "I'm not into politics." This to me, is a poor excuse, because Libertarianism to me has never been much about politics, Most of the conversations I have with about "Politics" with other Libertarians consists more of abstract philosophy …

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Republicans r finally doing something right

I never thought i would say this but republicans in the house of representatives have actually done something right. They are attempting a bill that would restrict abortion to the first 20 weeks. While this still allows the murder of young children in the first 20 weeks it still shows that we are no…

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The Stemp Show episode 2

1. Don't worry, the market will handle CPS.

2. Defense Distributed shut down.

3. Adam Kokesh open carry march.

4. Thegammawave

5. Get rid of your proprietary operating system.


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The Stemp Show first episode

This is the first episode of my new show, The Stemp Show, things are a little rough around the edges so don't be too harsh with feedback(Please give feedback!)

Show Notes

1. Don't worry, the market will handle drivers licenses

2. Obamacare still unconstitutional, Ron Paul attacked for saying th…

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How Microshit can save Winbloze 8

This article has three feeble ways that Microsoft can save its dying POS of an operating system. It is wrong, none of these way's will work. The only way Microsoft can save windows 8 is to make it Free Software. All they have to do is make the source code available on their website under one of thes…

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Not everything is artificial

I got into a debate today with my economics teacher about that don't share bullshit that I posted about recently. I told him that the law is wrong because people own their pills why can't they share them? And his retort was prescription laws, when i said that they are just artificial constructs from…

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WTF with marriage!?

OK, I really don't understand American society sometimes, scratch that, all the time. Why the fuck are we getting so swept up in the gay marriage debate right now!? There are much more pressing issues to attend to, like the fact that the amount of money pledged to be stolen from the unborn(the debt)…

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Keep DRM out of HTML5

well it turns out the rent seekers at hollywood are at it again, this time they wanna add Digital Restrictions Managment into html5. For those of you who don't know what html5 is, its an update to html, which is the language that web pages are made with, it is the material the world wide web is made…

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New Album up

I have a new album, my first album actually, called collapse into chaos, go under the music page on this site to check out where to buy it.

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