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Gun control is dying

It might not seem like it, but its obvious once you know the signs, for instance, watch the frustration in people like Obama's face whenever he gets on the stage to talk about gun control, they know the American people are rejecting gun restrictions, and they don't like it. The fact is, anytime gun …

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Mandatory voting?

Obama recently suggested that mandatory voting would really benefit the United States, here is the video where he states this:

Besides the moral issue that mandatory voting involves forcing people at the threat of imprisonment to pick between two candidates who, when elected, will continue to…

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The Stemp Show Episode 14

Show Notes:

1. Don't worry the market will handle fine ass alcohol.

2. Hobby Lobby

3. Newspaper calls Obama the N-word.

4. Arduinophone



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The Stemp Show episode 11

Show Notes:

1. Don't worry the market will handle the Oceans.

2. Obama is a war criminal.

3. Spying on your own people is treason.

4. The FSF has almost reached its goal!


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The Stemp Show episode 7

Show Notes

1.Don't worry the market will handle radio.

2. Get rid of Detroit's unfunded liabilities.

3. Stop spying on me Obama.

4. Escape from PRISM with Free Software.



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Impeach Obama

I recently came across a poll, asking whether Obama should be impeached, or if he is doing just fine. While Obamas war crimes probably aren't as bad as Abe Lincoln or FDR, he still has been responsible for the deaths of lots and lots of Muslim people, including lots of children with his drone strike…

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