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The Stemp Show episode 7

Show Notes

1.Don't worry the market will handle radio.

2. Get rid of Detroit's unfunded liabilities.

3. Stop spying on me Obama.

4. Escape from PRISM with Free Software.



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The Stemp Show Episode 6

Show Notes:

1. Don't worry the market will handle software that respects your freedom.

2. Free Detroit!

3.Abolish the NSA.

4. Support Replicant


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The Stemp Show Episode 5


Show notes

1. Don't worry artists will make some money without copyright

2. release Kokesh

3. vote for Kokesh

4. Buy Heliacal Shimmers release

5. The FSF is sueing over prism.

visit to help…

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Save Yourself from PRISM

I always knew the Feds were listening to everybodies communications, but Eric Snowden's declassification of PRISM just makes me loose sleep at night. The Feds are starting a war with all of us and our privacy, so its only fair that we fight back, which is why im providing ways for everyone to secure…

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The Stemp Show Episode 3

I swear I'll get this show to a regular schedule at some point!

Show notes:

1. The market would have handled snake oil salesmen.

2. No more right to remain silent, Help Snowden

3. Buy my CD

4. FSF's free java script.


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